CHILE: Women Donors Network Delegation

The Women Donors Network delegation traveled to Chile, from May 6-12, 2007, with the Center for Democracy in the Americas to experience the path-breaking leadership of President Michelle Bachelet and to understand the challenges and difficulties she is encountering in fulfilling the goals of her presidency.

President Bachelet is leading Chile along an ambitious but difficult path; hers is nothing less than an effort to heal Chilean society and bring its people together, to fight for gender parity in politics and society, and to overcome old customs and habits to give her country the opportunity to move forward and conquer its future.

Her story is one of courage and hope, and every one of us drew strength and inspiration from our time together in Chile. What Michelle Bachelet is doing in Chile has implications for women in the United States and across the world, as each of us pursue the powerful claims of gender parity in our own lives and our own political spheres.