EL SALVADOR: Research Delegation

Consistent with this mission, CDA has a long-standing interest in El Salvador, and a growing interest in how Latin America is dealing with questions of governance and the electoral process for addressing problems like social and political exclusion as well as economic inequality.

For these reasons, CDA delegations have visited El Salvador twice in 2009 — for the presidential election, which saw the first FMLN victory in El Salvador, and again for the inauguration of the winning candidate, Mauricio Funes.

Earlier we published a report about our experience observing the election. We are now pleased to publish a report about the Inauguration, a historic event for El Salvador.

The delegation on this trip consisted of CDA Executive Director Sarah Stephens, CDA Program Associate Collin Laverty and CDA’s consultant on El Salvador, Linda Garrett. The report is the first written for CDA by Linda Garrett, but her findings reflect the views of our organization.