CDA IN THE NEWS: Trump and Cuba: Crackdown, But No Breakup

CDA Executive Director Emily Mendrala was quoted in the article “Trump and Cuba: Crackdown, But No Breakup” by Luisita Lopez Torregrosa. The full article appears in NBC News, and can be accessed here. For a brief excerpt, see below.

But Emily Mendrala, executive director of the Washington-based Center for Democracy in the Americas, emailed me, “I’m in Havana now, and it’s clear to me that the Cuban people want engagement with the United States to continue. Even in the hours since my plane landed, I’ve heard as much from several people working in Cuba’s private sector – the hostess and property manager for the Airbnb I’m staying in, my taxi driver from a private taxi service – each of them depends on U.S. engagement for business, and values contacts with U.S. visitors.”

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