CDA IN THE NEWS: Trump faces calls to uphold U.S.-Cuba ties ahead of policy announcement

CDA Executive Director Emily Mendrala was quoted in the article “Trump faces calls to uphold U.S.-Cuba ties ahead of policy announcement” by Karen Gilchrist.

The full article appears in CNBC, and can be accessed here. For a brief excerpt, see below.

U.S. President Donald Trump is under pressure to maintain the country’s fragile détente with Cuba despite indications that he could strike an icy tone when he announces a policy update later this week.

Non-partisan activist group Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) has urged the president to rethink his hitherto hard-line stance on America’s former cold war foe, claiming that the cutting of improved relations would do nothing to help Cuban citizens or serve the U.S.’s national interests.

“A rollback of recent progress in U.S.-Cuba relations would be out of step with the views of the majority of the American public—both Republican and Democrat—and would threaten the significant gains reaped by the American people and the Cuban people since the restoration of U.S.-Cuba ties,” the CDA’s executive director Emily Mendrala said in a press announcement Tuesday.

“President Trump has the opportunity to build on this progress and, in so doing, advance the U.S. national interest and the interests of the Cuban people. As the President well knows, you can’t get a ‘better deal’ by walking away from the negotiating table.”

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