Members of the Cuba Leadership Circle help CDA respond to this historic moment in US-Cuba relations by engaging directly and at a higher level with our work.

CDA is positioned at the heart of this historic process.

Members contribute to the thought leadership of our organization and provide essential financial support to the strategies in place to build a better, more respectful relationship between the U.S. and Cuba. Leadership Circle members offer concrete feedback to our strategies, and connect actively to CDA’s day-to-day work as participants in our confidential briefings, teleconferences, and VIP travel.

Our ability to affect real, positive change in developing a 21st Century relationship with Cuba is made possible thanks to the generosity of the members of the Cuba Leadership Circle:

Aris Anagnos
Darius Anderson
Lara Bergthold
Nancy Bernstein
Barbara Dobkin
Bettina Duval
Patty Ebrahimi
Mary Ford
Jane Harman
Lyndon Haviland
Margery Loeb
Delia Marshall
Conrad Martin
Kit Miller
Cathy Raphael
Alan Schaeffer
Bradley and Paula Schaeffer
Curt Schaeffer
Shepard Family Foundation