Memo to President-elect Trump and his incoming administration

WASHINGTON — The Center for Democracy in the Americas, along with 17 of our key allies, sent an open letter organized by the Cuba Study Group to President-elect Trump’s transition team urging the incoming administration to continue engagement with Cuba. The memo recommends that the new administration conduct a comprehensive review of the progress in U.S. Cuba relations made under President Obama that has advanced U.S. interests and the interests of the Cuban people.

Sarah Stephens, executive director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas, commented:

“We’re urging the President-elect to look before he leaps on Cuba policy, and to listen to the ever-growing number of Americans – including business leaders – who favor continued engagement with Cuba, and who have already benefited from reforms over the last two years facilitating trade, travel, and cooperation on areas ranging from medical cooperation to law enforcement.

“It is in our national interest to continue strengthening ties with Cuba. Turning back the clock on Cuba policy would not produce a better deal – not for the American people, and not for the Cuban people.”

Please click here to read the memo.

A full list of signatories is available on the final page of the memo.

Sarah Stephens can be contacted through or 202-234-5506 at the CDA office in Washington, D.C.

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