PRESS RELEASE: CDA Applauds Announcement That U.S. and Cuba Will Reopen Embassies

WASHINGTON — The Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) released the following statement in reaction to reports that the agreement between Cuba and the U.S. to restore diplomatic relations and open embassies in their respective capitals will be announced tomorrow.

“This is a moment we have been working toward for many years,” said Sarah Stephens, executive director of CDA. “The restoration of diplomatic relations between our countries is a major achievement that will help to heal decades of mistrust and will open opportunities for the U.S. and Cuba to collaborate on issues of mutual interest like immigration, environmental conservation, and regional trade. We applaud the tireless work of Cuban and U.S. diplomats, policymakers, academics, and activists who have helped make this possible. We are ready to work with all our allies to defend these positive steps initiated by President Obama and to move forward with removing the embargo once and for all.”

Sarah can be contacted through Simone Duval (202-234-5506) at the CDA office in Washington, DC. You can learn more about CDA at our website.

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