Press Release: Statement of Sarah Stephens on the death of former President Fidel Castro

Washington, DC – Sarah Stephens, Executive Director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA), issued the following statement about the death of Cuba’s former leader.

“As Cubans reflect on the legacy of Fidel Castro, Americans may be surprised that Cubans, even opponents, will be expressing pride in the accomplishments of the Cuban revolution, while also demonstrating they are ready to move along with their lives and continue the economic and political reforms that have been underway for more than a decade.

“President Obama showed courage and foresight by restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba knowing that this day would come. At a moment when Cubans need it the most, they now have greater space to shape their lives without the fear of interference by the U.S. This is a policy that should continue.”


Ms. Stephens has taken more than 70 delegations to Cuba and met on eight occasions with President Fidel Castro. To learn more about the Center for Democracy in the Americas, visit the CDA website:

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