CDA observed every election and referendum in Venezuela since 2006. Our Venezuela program encouraged dialogue between the U.S. and Venezuelan governments, informed policymakers about how Venezuelans view the arc of their country’s political, social, economic, and foreign policy project, and also assessed its implications for U.S. policy.

Caracas Connect

Caracas Connect, written by Dr. Dan Hellinger, is CDA’s periodic update on current issues regarding Venezuela. Providing expert analysis of political, social, economic, and energy developments in Venezuela, as well as U.S-Venezuela relations, Caracas Connect is an essential component of CDA’s Venezuela program.

CDA has been working on issues related to Venezuela since our inception in 2006.  We have observed every national election and referendum since then, run a series of Congressional and research delegations to the country, and formed relationships with government supporters, the political opposition, NGOs, and organized communities in Venezuela.

Dr. Dan Hellinger is a CDA contributor and our emeritus board president, and has been our guide to Venezuela for years. He is a Professor of Political Science at Webster University, and has served as president of the Venezuelan Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association. Dr. Hellinger has also authored, co-edited, and contributed to several highly-regarded books on Venezuela, such as Global Security Watch: Venezuela, Venezuelan Politics in the Chávez Era, Democracy at Last, and Participation, the State and Civil Society in Venezuela.

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To read the June 2017 edition of Caracas Connect, please click here. For previous reports, click the images below.

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